Hold Up (Edited)

by Smooth D.

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My homage to one of the most popular phrases used in Southern Dialogue and Music. Made famous by the late - great Pimp C (of UGK)


Hold Up (Edited)
written by LaJohn D. Manoy (Smooth D.)
music Danny C. Coleman (Dano) & LaJohn D. Manoy (Smiley Boy)

Intro: Talking

Hook: I been feeling like they hating on me, (tell ‘em - hold up)
I see these chicks in my face homie, (tell ‘em - hold up)
I bet they wanna take my place don’t they, (tell ‘em - hold up)
I know tha world been waiting on me, (tell ‘em - hold up)

V1: I need a --- right now like I need a yeah
It’s about to go down when I meet a yeah
I’m a cuss a --- out when I see tha yeah
And if his girl come around I’m a please tha yeah (whoa)
Got my drank, drink it down; Got some loud, blow a pound
Got a chick, --- ha down - got my money, give it now
I see tha way that these haters looking at me sideways
One neck, 2 wrists – You might need to look away
Hey, I think I’m feeling myself
But ya girl do it better tell her get off tha belt
I’m getting at ha best friend cuz she needing some help
And what we about to do – I aint saying --- else
You do this for tha wealth its’ a part of me
You be saying you tha realest – kinda hard to see
I’ve been at this for a while – ya’ll gotta pardon me
Bro give me what I’m owed - stop dodging me (Hold up)

Hook: 1x

V2: (I’m a, I’m a come down) – please stop tha beat
Let’s take a moment of silence for tha homie Pimp C
Crank this --- up loud so I can get in my zone
This my confessions – my life story told in a song
They did me wrong, broke my heart tried to --- on my name
Held me back, broke me down played many of games
Stole my spot, took my job said I couldn’t rap or sang
I never should have helped these ---- – ya’ll aint feeling me mane
I flip --- cuz I’m throwed --- gotta notice I don’t slip
I’m focused, when I wrote this my hope is – ya’ll know this
I am tha bizness - they know what I be talking bout
I need a witness – keep my name up out ya mouth
I live and breathe tha Dirty South; I’m gangsta in my own way
Hold up is a state of mind – ya’ll using it tha wrong way
(Who is this?) – It aint you; (Tha realest) – I’m here dude
Tha deal is – I bet you; when I kill this, I blessed you (Hold up)

Hook: 1x

Bridge: I got my mind on my money so I put in work
Got a dollar and a dream so I put God 1st
I see these boys talking down cuz they girlfriends flirt
So I don’t come around cuz I know my worth
You hate me, you crazy
But I don’t let that --- faze me
All you can see is you wanna be me
I’m a tell ‘em how I feel baby…. (Hold up)

Hook: 1x with no music

©2012, Johna’s Future Publishing/Emortul Music (BMI)


released April 1, 2012
(LaJohn D. Manoy & Danny C. Coleman)
(Johna’s Future Publishing/Emortul Music (BMI))
produced by Dano for Book ‘Em Dano Productions
co-produced by Smiley Boy for Smiley Boy Productions
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Nick B. Seely.



all rights reserved


Smooth D. Dallas

Songwriter (BMI), rapper, singer, producer/arranger, engineer, music publisher (BMI), executive, Voting Grammy member (TX Chapter Membership Committee member and Producer & Engineering Wing), plus much more.

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